DFH Series AODD PumpsloopedC

DFH Series High Purity PTFE Diaphragm Pumps
DFH 030 (¼”) DFH 050 (¼”) DFH 100 (⅜”) DFH 200 (¾”) DFH 250 (1”) DFH 400 (1”)

Liquid Flow Rate
8 L/min
11 L/min
27 L/min
54 L/min
64 L/min
95 L/min
Description High Purity Virgin PTFE Diaphragm Pumps manufactured specifically for use in the Micro-Electronics and Semiconductor Industries. Six models available with standard connections in 4 different sizes. Class 1000 Clean Room Assembled Tested & Packed.
Available with both Flange or Threaded type Liquid Connections, Ball & Flat Check Valves.
Wetted Body Material Options High Purity PTFE
Notes New Design with Reduced Air Consumption. Incorporating the New Looped C® Air Motor for Improved Reliability and Extended Parts Life. Drop-In, Body Dimensions and Footprint.
Compact & Robust. Non Lubricated Air Motor. Highly Reliable Operation and Efficiency. Fully Bolted Design and Torqued to Reduce Chance or Leaks Occurring.
Designed to insure Low Particle Counts and Reduced Chance of Metallic Ion Contamination.
Common Options E-Series; Electric Solenoid Operated Pumps.Flaretek® Connections & oversized flange connections available on some models.
Plastic or PTFE coated SUS Torque Plates. Pump Service Kits.

DFH Series Specifications