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SNS Update

SNS Update


SNS Update

Innovative Technology and Quality Highlights

YTS Pump Design Features

Pumps with high performance operation, ease of service & long life expectancy which contain many fully engineered features rarely found in other brand pumps where all wearing parts are replaceable and all liquid mating surfaces are machined.

YTS Pump Design Features

Wide range of products


YTS offers a wide range of product options of metallic, plastic, and fluorocarbon polymer casings from the smallest 1/4″ to the largest 3″ pumps that allow a discharge of small flow rate of 0.3L/min to a maximum of 1,050L/min. We have around 400 products in our standard lineup and over thousands of customized products specially designed for our customers.

About us

Our Story: Commitment to Excellence

About us

YTS JAPAN Co., Ltd. an ISO-9001 certified company was established in 1966 and has experience in the AODD pump business for over 55 years. We do not only focus on the quality of manufacturing process but have prioritized highly skilled staff to assist our customers in providing technical solutions and selecting the most cost-efficient products.


Factory scenery

Our factories are located in Japan and almost every part of our products is manufactured in Japan, assuring the highest quality product.

Exploring AODD Markets and Applications


Our AODD pumps are not just limited to a single but is used by various industries. Please do contact our sales department in selecting the pump that meets your industry. We can provide our pump to almost all the industries. These includes from the inevitable food & beverages industry to the complex Marine and Mining industries.