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Environmental Initiatives
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Environmental Initiatives

YTS recognizes the importance of considering social and environmental impacts during the manufacturing process to provide excellent products; therefore, YTS is working on various environmental improvement activities not only within the premises but also in the areas surrounding our factories.

Energy Saving Efforts

Power Saving

YTS has introduced an LPG heater system in the Headquarters building in Yotsukaido to help shift the peak time of maximum power consumption. By using this system during the peak of local power demand, in winter mornings and evenings, YTS has achieved its target of reducing power consumption by 15 percent (from 2011).

LPG Facilities

In FY 2012, to help reduce annual power consumption by 15 percent (from 2011), YTS established a power saving committee to conduct various improvements as well as awareness activities, such as visualizing power consumption (displaying power consumption on all electric products) and installing suggestion boxes, under the theme of “Company-wide sharing of knowledge and consideration of energy saving.” As a result, all employees were made aware of and strove to achieve the target.

3R Activities in YTS
Within all of its production activities, YTS places a great importance on the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Reduce: Actively encourage the use of returnable packaging boxes from suppliers to help reduce the amount of waste materials accumulating at the company.
Reuse: Reuse all packaging materials where and when possible.
Recycle: Classify and separate all waste materials discharged from the company to make it easier to recycle.

Social Activities

As well as protecting the environment for the next generation, YTS strives to convey the enjoyment of manufacturing valuable and useful products, and to help create a brighter future for our children.