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Threaded Flange Manifolds

The manifolds for 1½”, 2” and 3” standard metallic pumps are modified to “threaded flange manifolds”. This provides customers more options to use either flange or thread connection.


Compatible Bases

The bases of 1” metallic pumps can be adjusted to multiple positions to match other makers’ footprints when replacing a pump.


Externally Accessible Air Valve

The air valve of all our pumps can be accessed externally and replaced, while in place, for immediate maintenance. Parts can be purchased as kits or individually.

Benefits of AODD Pumps

AODD pumps are a type of positive displacement pump operated by the compressed air.
It is not just the compressed air, but there are many more interesting features bringing it up front over the other types of pumps.
AODD pumps are used in a variety of industries for assorted reasons.

  • Transfer slurries

    Pumps are capable of handling slurries containing large and abrasive particles and can deal with high viscosity.

  • Safe Transfer

    With no electrical connections, AODD pumps can be used in explosive environments and transfer flammable materials.

  • Dry-running

    Pumps will not cause heat generation which lead to overheating. It can run safely when no liquid is transferred.

  • Low liquid shearing

    AODD pumps are possibly the ideal choice for handling shear sensitive liquids like Paints, Polymers, Wine, Milk, etc.

  • Deadhead

    The liquid discharge valve may be closed fully at any time and repeatedly without causing damages or wear to the pump.

  • Self-priming

    They generate a relatively high vacuum pressure, thus allowing the pump to self-prime with no prime water.

  • Submersible

    Pumps can be operated by fully submerging it in liquid as long as the air exhaust is above the liquid level, provided that the pump materials are compatible.

  • Portable

    AODD pumps are generally compact & lightweight so that it can be installed and operated in most of sites.