D400 Series HD AODD Pumps

D400 Series Heavy Duty Diaphragm Pumps with 1½" Connections

Max Liquid
Flow Rate
Plastic Pumps :
380 L/min (Rubber) 345 L/min (PTFE)
Metallic Pumps :
430 L/min (Rubber) 380 L/min (PTFE)
Description Heavy Duty 1½" AODD Pump Series Specifically Designed for Very Tough Liquid Transfer Applications. 1½" Threaded & Flange Type Liquid Connections, Aluminium Air Motor Section, Mechanically Actuated Spool Switching Movement. Coil Spring Assisted Air Spools, Ball Check Valves. Powerful Heavy Weight Pump Design. Able to Achieve Very High Flow Rates & High Heads Efficiently with inherent reliability, even in demanding situations. Resists Stalling and Freezing in nearly all Conditions. 100% Outside Accessible Spools. Double External Exhaust Ports. Oil & Grease Lubrication Free Operation. Zero Exhaust Air Emissions.
Wetted Body Material Options Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, GFRPP, PVDF
Typical Applications
Pumping Against Very High Back Pressures.
Operating with Very High Air Inlet Pressures.

Frequent or Extended Dead Heading.

Operating at Very Slow Switching Speeds.
Operating with Very Low Air Inlet Pressures.
Pumping Continuously for Very Long Periods.
Frequent Start Stop Applications Utilizing either Liquid or Air Shut Off Valves.
Operating with Very Long Discharge Lines.

Filter Press Applications.

Where Pump Icing / Freezing is a Common Occurrence.
Where Air Consumption Efficiency is a Critical Factor in Pump Choice.

D400 (Plastic)

D400P-FLD400P-FL D400V-FLD400V-FL

NEWD400 (Metallic)


D400 Series Specifications

Performance Curve
D400ASF_seinouD400A,S,F,AT,ST,FT D400PV_seinouD400P,V,PT,VT
Dimensional Drawing(mm)
D400ASF_sizeD400A,S,F D400PV_sizeD400P,V