Diaphragm Pump Product Outline

Diaphragm Pump Features & Benefits

Diaphragm Pumps Can Handle A Wide Variety Of Materials.
Diaphragm pumps can transfer a huge range of Chemicals including all types of acids alkali’s solvents petrochemicals or even just water. They can pump liquid slurries i.e. liquids containing hard or soft solids and can even handle highly abrasive particles. They can pump sensitive liquids affected by sheer and can also pump liquids containing air. With some small modifications Diaphragm pumps can even transfer some types of powder.
Due to the relatively high discharge pressure a diaphragm pump can also pump semi viscous liquids such as oils, inks, glues, sealants and paints.

Safely Transfer Flammable And Hazardous Materials

Diaphragm Pumps are powered by compressed air and do not have any kind of electrical connections. They cannot overheat as they are cooled naturally during operation by the supply of Compressed Air. They can be earthed and are considered safe to use when pumping Flammable liquids or when used in Explosive Environments.

Safely Transfer Highly Corrosive Materials

Diaphragm Pumps have no rotating shafts or mechanical Seals. YTS Diaphragm Pumps have fully machined mating surfaces and are fully bolted. Together with some other design features they offer extremely high sealing performance. Together with a large choice of pump body materials ranging from Cast Iron to PTFE, it is possible to pump most hazardous or highly corrosive liquids safely.

Are Self-Priming & Can Run Even When Fully Dry

A Diaphragm Pump generates a relatively high level of suction pressure and is able Self-Prime without the use of special mechanisms or a special start up procedures. They are able to achieve a good level of both Wet and or Dry Suction Lift at Pump startup without any damage. Because there are no close fitting, rotating or sliding parts exposed to the liquid, a Diaphragm Pump can Run completely Dry without damage for extended periods of time.
Submersible. Diaphragm Pumps can be submersed in the liquid being pumped as long as the Pump is chemically compatible, and an extra Hose is attached to the Exhaust Port.

Due to the use of compressed air Diaphragm Pumps are considered Explosion-proof and are often used to safely transfer highly flammable liquids.

Small and simple to operate. Air Powered Double Diaphragm Pumps are relatively compact, lightweight and portable and can be used in almost any work site or environment. To operate the pump just connect an Air Supply and Liquid Lines and the Pump is ready to go.

A General Comparison Between Diaphragm Pumps And Other Types Of Pumps

Greatest Merits Disadvantages
Use of Compressed Air
  • All Flammable Liquids Can Be Transferred Safely
  • Can Achieve Relatively High Discharge Pressures
  • Are Clean, Safe And Non-Polluting, They Do Not Require Any Filtering Of The Exhaust.
  • Are Relatively Cheap To Purchase And Easy To Maintain
  • Can Run Safely At Dead Head i.e. When The Discharge Valve Is Closed Partially Or Fully, and so no pressure relief of bypass is required.
  • Have Fully Adjustable Flow Rates And Discharge Pressures
  • Operating Noise Can Be Higher Than That Of Electric Pumps
Reciprocating Positive Displacement Pumps
  • A Huge Variety Of Liquids Can Be Pumped
  • Are Self-Priming And Can Achieve Both Wet And Or Dry Suction Lift Without Damage
  • Will Run When Dry Without Damaged
  • Do Not Contain Mechanical Shaft Seals So Will Pump All Chemicals Including Solids Without Any Wear Or Tear.
  • Can Cause Liquid Pulsation So A Pulsation Dampener May Be Required In Some Circumstances.
  • Liquid Leaks Can Occur When A Diaphragm Fails, So If Required It May Be Necessary To Install A Diaphragm Failure / Leak Detector.

Electrical-Switching Type Diaphragm Pumps

YTS offers a range of specialized Electrical Diaphragm Pumps offering many features and benefits to the process operator. The models range from the use of a simple electric proximity sensor to register pump strokes, a leak detection sensor to register and warn of leaks, to the use of a fully mounted electric solenoid valve, used to remotely turn the pump on or off. Finally it is possible to operate the pumps air switching mechanism directly through a highly reliable solenoid valve offering complete pump control from a remote work station, unrivaled start stop reliability, and an exceptionally long operational life span. All electric diaphragm pump options are also available with explosion proof ratings such as ATEX.